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*The Best Game of 2015!
A girl in a pink sundress is calling you to play a cool kids game! Her name is Masha by the way!
Here is a collection of mini games based on the popular cartoon series «Masha and the Bear» that Russian preschoolers love. Found well-known characters and animals on your device!If you live in the forest, you’re always busy. Masha and the Bear have so many things to do they certainly need some help from your little child in this cool kids game.Collect berries and sort them to make jam! Keep the hungry bees away from honey. Save animals swept away by the river. Anything can happen in the forest and in the mini game!
Don't forget to stock up firewood for the winter and to cook dinner: Mahsa and the animals need help from little boys and girls with sawing logs and sorting firewood. Cooking dinner is another hard task, especially because they have to look for food all around the house.The world of Masha and the Bear is a magical place where kids can fly an airplane. It’ll be fun for your kid to take a walk with Mahsa to a picturesque glade to count butterflies, and help her beat Penguin in a game of hockey. And when evening comes, it’s concert time! There is such a mini game too!All the characters of the “Masha and the Bear” series are featured in this collection of cool mini games, which makes kids feel like real players in their favorite story.13 exciting mini games offer little kids lots of fun and learning opportunities weaved into the gameplay. They help develop concentration, visual memory and counting skills with numbers, so parents don’t need to worry about their child spending too much time in front of the touchscreen.With its baby intuitive interface the app is for toddlers from 2 to 9 both for boys and girls.
So what's on the agenda today, Masha and Misha? There’s help coming from toddlers!Before downloading make sure that there are empty 250 MB on your device. Thank you!
App features:
- 13 exciting mini-games
- Talking Masha with the original cartoon sounds
- For preschoolers and children aged 2 to 9 years
- Suitable for boys and girls
- Based on «Masha and the Bear» cartoon series
- Popular characters of the cartoon series in each mini-game
- Develops logical thinking
- Teaches numeracy with numbers
- Develops reaction and coordination of movements
- Trains memory and visual memory
- Intuitive interface baby and learning opportunities
- Pleasant sound designIndigo Kids is a whole world of educational games for the children! We believe that education should be free and accessible, and the knowledge gained through the game, absorbed quickly and permanently. Our goal is to give parents confidence that the time spent by a child with a tablet will become an additional source of new discoveries.Want to keep abreast of the latest world news Indigo Kids? Subscribe Now!
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