Download SE Wellness

SevenElec’s Wellness APPSE Wellness is an app for managing personal health information. The user can use Seven Elec’s medical electronic products to measure his/her health status. Seven Elec’s medical electronic products will send the measured data to SE Wellness app automatically through Bluetooth SMART communication. SE Wellness will display the user’s health data by the visual diagram, so the user can mange his/her and family’s health status through the smartphone at any time any where. 

Currently this app works with GBF-1317B body fat analyzer.Feature: 

1. Seven Elec’s body fat analyzer can measure the user’s weight and body fat. The measured health information will transmit to this app automatically.
2. Mutipule Choose of Sharing 

SE Wellness can transport the collected health data through the email, facebook and twitter.
3. Family Health Management 

SE Wellness can manage a number of family members’ health information at the same time. 
4. Diagram Display 

collect and manage the health measuring data continuously, display the health status tendency clearly and directly.