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*APPLICATION IS CURRENTLY IN ITS BETA PHASE*Did You search google for a " BlackBerry Hub Android App " ? Lot's of people do. That's why we created the Hub.Hub lets you gather and manage your phone notifications. It can be used as a social manager of your most used apps like Gmail, Hangouts or Facebook! Lightweight, lightning fast and easy to use. If You envy the Blackberry users for the Blackberry Hub then this app may be for You. Ultimately we want to make the Hub a place where You can manage all of the history of all your chosen apps and react with them within the app. This will include quick responding to e-mails sms,s and messengers. Features:- saves your incoming notifications on your phone so You can get to them later
- one swipe on the saved notification to go to the related app
- flag your notifications for further use or archive them
- select apps that your Hub should listen toRight now we're working on:- get to individual messages and items within the aplication the notifivation is coming from (already works on fresh notifications)
- using actions in notification
- formatting the notifications to fit specific apps
- UI upgrade
- adding tags to notifications---We’ve created a beta community for Hub. If you would like to participate please visit and join the community.---Thank you for all your feedback, it helps us a lot.