Download Regrann - Repost for Instagram

Regrann - Repost for Instagram lets #Repost your favorite pics on Instagram and credit the original Instagramer without adding watermarks. Regrann also lets you save Instagram pics to your phone. You repost and save right from Instagram without leaving the app.100% Free
No In-App Purchases
No Ads
SIMPLE - No need to leave Instagram
From any Instagram screen and from any Instagram user, choose a photo or video you like, click on the 3 dots bellow the comments and select “Copy share URL”. It’s that easy! Regrann will activate and give you the choice to repost to your Instagram feed, keep to repost later, save or share with any other app that accepts photos or videos. AUTHENTIC - Keep original photos and videos intact
Provide your followers with the full experience of the photos and videos you repost, share or save. Regrann gives credit to the user you repost from without modifying in any way the photos and videos. Credit is added to the caption of the photos / videos you repost. FAST - No login required
Regrann uses the Instagram app to repost photos and videos. So, there is no need for you to login to it. It runs in the background of Instagram. Also, Regrann can be set to operate in Quick modes for reposting to Instagram, saving to your device or posting later... for even higher speed.NO ADS
Repost without annoying ads. NOTE: This app requires an Instagram account to use.